The Believers’ Club Key Personnel Bio’s

Byron Cook

Byron Cook, Founder, CEO of The Believers’ Club, The Opportunity Zone. and Monument Marketing Group, LLC. has a multiple facetted career of 55 years of construction, real estate and land development, also an extensive insurance and securities marketing experience as Regional Vice-president, A.L. Williams Company.  Byron is also inventor of the Vertical Integrated Burial System (VIBS) patent designed for 21st century burial in large metro areas. 

Jeff Price

Jeff has an extensive background in IT field in the private sector which included owning his own businesses.

He has also worked for the government with duties that varied widely such as imaging projects to create automated image capture and recognition, satellite imagery, multiband radiospectographic satellite imagery information gathering.

He also has worked with GIS, geographic information systems to analyze information for criminal investigation and prosecution in the court systems.

He has also written numerous datacentric computer applications to support governmental public safety operations.

Aubrey Flowers

The Believers Club – When I was introduced to The Believers Club, I was intrigued with the idea of bringing together Christians for a common cause. It is time for Christians to work together. Let’s face it, Life can be difficult. Many of us – if not most – will go through seasons of tremendous highs and lows. Now during these times, we can give people something which can make an attainable difference in their daily lives.  We have a faith and means by which gives them hope.

My Dad was a minister. He loved the ministry, God called him to do this during his life. He pastored for 53 years and he led by example.  He touched many lives during his ministry while visiting in homes, visiting homes door to door, visiting hospital rooms, and preaching the Word from the platform during Church services. His dedication and commitment I admired and respected very much as his son.

Attended Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, B.A. Secondary Education. SEU.EDU (Formerly Southeastern Bible College)

Enjoyed teaching in the school system, the interacting and sharing of information with students, while teaching and coaching.

Product Fundraising was an awesome transition from teaching to marketing to the schools. I was able to interact with many schools, principals, teachers, parents, and students. We were able to help them raise funds needed for those activities which would not have otherwise been able to facilitate their programs.

To those who have chosen to view my bio, let’s smile, laugh, and have a great time for the time we are here. We can relax, God has our future. I have been blessed.

Bishop Ezzara “Charles” Everhart

Raised in a Christian family, called to the ministry in June of 1985. I now set on the board of Bishop’s as an ordained Bishop in good standing. At God Peace Anointed Church Inc., based in Pensacola Florida. Where my family and I now actively reside and worship. When I was first called to the ministry I started out as a lay member, and was later ordained a Deacon, and placed on the Board of Deacons. But after five years serving as a Deacon and being proven faithful I was elevated from a Deacon to a Minister. And from a minister to an Elder, from and Elder to Evangelist, and from Evangelist, to an ordained Bishop, the office I now hold.

Education and Credentials

GREAT COMMISSION BIBLE COLLEGE Associate in Ministry, Bachelor in Counselling, and Religious Studies, Master in Theology, Cumulative GPA 3.46, Courses of Study Christian Leadership, Successful Marriage Life Experience, Character Study, The Authority of the Church, Faith for Today, Approved for entry into the Master of Ministry Degree Program in 2005, received Phd. In Theology and Spiritual Counselling 2008.


I have over 36 years of proven leadership experience as a Bishop, Chaplain, Religious Counselor, Teacher of the Gospel, and I know that I will fit in very well at (TBC) The Believer’s Club, where we use Proprietary Technology to connect Christian Believers with Local Small Businesses.